WellHome™—Our Proprietary Weekly Inspection Service.

Proper maintenance of a home is a critical component of preserving and enhancing property value. That’s why we developed our WellHome weekly inspection service. It’s specifically designed to keep your home or estate in perfect order by providing on-the-spot assessments, immediate maintenance and setting long-term improvement goals.

Every week one of our property managers will come to your home and complete a full inspection of your residence. From lawn and outdoor ornamental inspection to complete mechanical, plumbing and interior assessment. We’ll spot problems before they happen and we’ll address any immediate maintenance needs. When we’re finished we’ll provide you with a fully detailed report.

This unique service is perfect for busy working families, multiple homeowners, snowbirds and senior citizens looking for someone they can trust to keep their home in the best condition possible. We’ll develop a weekly inspection service that meets your budgets and expectations.

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